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Phone battery life hero

5 ways to improve your phone's battery life

Reining in your phone's battery life is easier than you think.

Running app hero

I tried 6 popular running apps—and this is the best one

I tested popular running apps like Runkeeper, Map My Run, and Nike+ Run Club to find the best.

Samsung galaxy s8 phone storage hero

Is it worth spending more money for more storage on a phone?

You might not need to pay for more phone storage.

Flip phone hero

5 of the best flip phones for people who hate smartphones

Don't call 'em "dumbphones"—here are the best flip phones you can buy.

App blocker hero

10 apps that block social media so you can stay focused and be more productive

Download apps like Offtime, Freedom, and SelfControl to block social media and get more productive.

Gettyimages 672935328

You're charging your new iPhone wrong—here's how to fix it

You paid a lot of money for a fast-charging iPhone. Here's how to actually get it.

Phone stolen hero

The 5 things you should do immediately if your phone is stolen

If your phone is stolen, you should act fact and follow these steps to recover it (or at least protect yourself and your information).


13 apps that will help you relax—even when you’re stressed out

These apps are guaranteed to inspire instant chill, no matter how frazzled you are.


March Madness is coming—here's what you need to binge watch the games

Here are 15 things including TVs, electronics, clothes and accessories to maximize your college basketball intake on the weekend.

Apple iphone x selfie

5 things the iPhone can do that Android phones can't

There's a reason people love their iPhones.

Gettyimages 662935300

I replaced my garbage iPhone battery with a new one—here's what happened

You should probably take advantage of Apple's discounted iPhone batteries while they last.

Wireless chargers for iphone hero

Here are 5 of the best wireless chargers for the iPhone X, 8 Plus, and 8

Here are five of the best chargers for your new iPhone.

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