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Google pixel primary camera

The Google Pixel's best feature came from Google's biggest failure

Every time you buy a Pixel, you're buying a little piece of Google Glass.

Apple iphone 7 plus camera sm

Target will give you $300 if you buy a new iPhone this week

$300 from Target for an iPhone 7...yes, please!

Apple iphone 7 plus in hand

There's one massive design flaw the iPhone 8 needs to fix

Do we need an iPhone with a bigger screen?


Thanks to these Bluetooth trackers, I've become the master of the scavenger hunt

This interactive accessory uses augmented reality just like Pokémon Go.


There is now a video game you can control with your vagina

This unique exercise tracker helps improve bladder control.

Samsung galaxy s6 edge plus review hero

Here are all the Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors we know about—including a crazy one

These Galaxy S8 rumors are keeping us in suspense.

Tippitalk message

This fun app helps nonverbal kids communicate by turning pictures into words

Tippy Talk translates pictures into readable text messages.

Apple iphone se hero 2

The best smartphones to pair with Verizon's unlimited plan

Put that unlimited data to good use with a new smartphone.


This new dating app matches you based on things you hate

Meet someone who hates cargo shorts as much as you do.

Apple iphone 6 plus review hero

Here are all the iPhone 8 rumors we know about, including the crazy ones

Here's everything we think we know about Apple's iPhone 8.

Ava hero

This fertility bracelet tells you when you're ovulating

This wearable can help you get pregnant.

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