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Google pixel cw 796x398

Google gets back to making phones with the Pixel

Google's is launching its first Google-branded phones.

Google phone hero

What does Google want to be when it grows up? Microsoft

Google's rise to dominance means it's like the new Microsoft.


BlackBerry is going to stop making smartphones

The smartphone giant is going to stop manufacturing its own products.

Pexels running shoe hero

4 fitness apps for staying active and motivated

All you need to break a sweat is one of these apps.

Backup deal hero

This pack is $75 off and can charge a phone for a week

For less than $60, you'll never worry about low battery again.

Smartphone transfer hero flickr janitors

How to Transfer Apps and Data to a New Phone

It's pretty easy, as long as you're not switching teams.


5 Types of Smartphone Apps You Need to Transition into Adulthood

These apps will get you ready for the endless freefall of adulthood.

636084333088500877 dsc07988

What you need to know about the iOS 10 launch

Apple's annual software update brings a few notable changes.

Samsung galaxy note 7 home button and stylus

How to tell if your Galaxy Note 7 is safe (Update)

Make sure your replacement Note 7 isn't at risk of combustion.

Iphone 7 jet black

Before you pre-order a "jet black" iPhone 7, read this

There's a few things you should know about the jet black iPhone 7.

Apple iphone 5se review in use

Apple's iMessage updates get lost in translation on Android

Most of the features work, but not to their full effect.

Iphone 7 water resistance

Just how water-resistant is the iPhone 7?

How much water is too much for the new iPhone?